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On Leaving

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It is late June. Puffy white clouds perch motionless in the sky. Kali has come back from Africa. We've said goodbye to nearly everybody and then said it again. On Wednesday we leave for North Carolina, which I see as the true beginning of our trip.

I wonder how it will go. Is it even adventurous? Everyone knows someone who's done it before. And yet, for us, it is difficult and unprecedented.

(Once, I cared less. But then I became more well-adjusted, calmer, some might say happier. And somehow society forced its way inside, and here it is in my head, intoning intoning intoning. How now can I access that uncut, fragile, glittering youth who had plunged her fists deep into the world's muck? Thoughtlessly discarded, she stands forlorn, watching me, half a decade of dust between us.)

* * * * *

Three birds on our patio waiting, wondering where the plants have gone. Two take off but one remains in baffled wonderment. And then she too on the wing, away.

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Last Day

Let's go fly a kite...

Free man-made hot spring is no longer free. Free natural "hot" spring is empty. :(

About the millionth picture I've taken of a vaulted church ceiling this trip

Last skyr

Last shake out of our tent footprint

All packed up for home. The End.

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Pretty, peaceful, touristy Þingvellir

Thumbs up!

Þingvellir was the seat of ancient Parliaments

I would have chosen this place, too

I guess they used to drown people in this river for misdeeds committed (adultery?)

But it all looks so tranquil now

Sun, sun, sun

What am I pointing at?

Peaceful living

We ate soooo much of this fake Nutella on our Iceland trip, maybe a jug every three days

The water is amazingly clear here

It's a rift

So clear that people pay a good chunk of change to dive here. They say the visibility is as good as air.

We settled for the shore walking, though.


Ever-present moss

Alas, the rains approach once more

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Getting ready...

...and thar she blows

How pastoral

Even from afar, Geysir looks pretty cool

What a young, steamy land

* * *

Gone from the interior now, where the wind blew snow and sleet and rain at our tent and our faces. Tiny, fierce bullets. We shook in our shaking tent. At Hveravellir we sat for hours in the hot spring, just on the edge of enjoyment. The pool was comprised of two tubes of cold running water and one tube extremely hot. It seemed to us, with the rain pelting our faces, that everywhere the water was lukewarm or cool except near the hot water tube, where it was deliciously comfortable. Only, the hot water was fed from some geothermal vent somewhere so that periodically the pipe would sputter its contents willynilly and scald us. Therefore, our time in the spring became a dance--ten minutes of squirming contentment followed by a rapid but cautious easing away, ten seconds of twirling in the resulting gush, and then a rapid scramble to our original spot where we carefully adjusted our bodies to trap the warm water. "Why, why, why?" we cried, laughing each time. The fun of Iceland. (Also fun: standing pants-less and bare-bottomed in the horizontal sleet, struggling with the broken zipper on the tent as a busload of tourists descend. I could not bear to look into their faces.)

The infamous hot spring that Chris remembers fondly but that I fondly hated.

We leave the day after tomorrow. I confess I have not written much about Iceland, but mostly because I've experienced it in a benumbed daze. Half my mind is working at preparing my body for the next challenge while the other half is dealing with the current one. When we are gone I will be able to sort out the images, the impressions that must have stuck somewhere in my brain.

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Hveravellir to Geysir

OMG Iceland is cold

Another bus passenger took this photo for us, trying to avoid getting sleet on the lens

It's the wind that kills you in the end

Chris bravely battled the weather to take this picture

Seen one powerful, monstrous waterfall, seen 'em all (Gullfoss)

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