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The past few days (but it feels like "lately") I've been preoccupied with a story that's been brewing in my mind. It began while we were watching the Royal Orchestra our first night in Vienna and since then has grown into something strange and interesting. I only hope I don't get tired of it before I can begin to write.

I haven't much time to reflect on Vienna, or Bratislava, where we made a day trip this morning. If the story gets written, though, it may be the best tribute to these places I can create. It will be the Vienna I've imprinted in my heart, a place where the soul feels awed. The Vienna of soft nights, steps shuffling quietly on cobblestones, Gothic spires soaring into the inky skies. The Vienna of artistic heritage, artistic ambition.

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A Frugalist's Daydream

Vienna, Austria

All dried up. Or: super-saturated. Either way, too blasted to comment on anything I've seen, trudging from cathedral to museum to castle to square in this European heat wave.

Today we arrived in Vienna. From the hotel room window I can see the flat, blocky streetfronts of innumerable old-style apartment buildings, an architectural style that has grown familiar as we've skipped from one Central European city to another. But you would never fantasize about living in Vienna the way you would, say, Budapest, where you could buy a flat in the city outskirts for $80,000. You imagine taking a tram into central Pest in the evenings and, if the night is lovely and light, you eat a three-course meal in an outdoor cafe for $12.

Well, we haven't seen Vienna at all. I expect it's lovely, too.

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