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Today was a true spring day. When you are outdoors most of the time, weather talk is not mere idle chatter but can define the contour of your days. Thank God for well-made clothing and tents.

I feel suddenly droopy.

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My memory of Amsterdam will forever be one of ten million perfect, undaunted windows, each with its companion vase or flower box. End of June and the days are long--stretching well past 10 pm--but brisk and biting when the sun hides. We are forever putting on and removing jackets, hoods, hats. Warmth is a tease--something to lure you into the sharp slap of wind that will whisk your breath away. Now the gleaming windows make sense: no screens to dull them because who would open her window to this weather, or, opening it, what insect would inhabit the place long enough to breed a family, whose members would dart through and bother a human? Just an errant bumblebee supping a rose, perhaps.

But I jest. The cool air is refreshing after tropical humidity. And Amsterdam is as lovely as promised.

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